Meal Train for Grieving Parents

Wondering how to set up a meal delivery for yourself or for a family is struggling through the loss of their baby? Often, friends/family/co-workers would like to do something for the parents, but don’t know what to offer. And when parents are lost in grief, fixing healthy, nutritious food – or eating it – is sometimes too much to think about. One kind offering is a meal train, and Doodle is a lovely way to set it up. Here’s how:  Doodle It!

  • The creator of the meal train should go to:
  • “Create an Account” by adding your name, password, email, etc.
  • “Schedule an Event.” To do this:

Step 1 of 1: General Information

  • Title: e.g., “Meal Train for Jane and Alex.”
  • Description (optional): Vegetarian cuisine for Jane, please, though Alex is a carnivore.
  • Name:
  • Email address:
  • [Next]

Step 2 of 2: Select Dates

  • Click on the dates you are arranging the meal train for. It works really well if you schedule every other night, or M, W, F, Sa for several weeks.
  • [Next]

Step 3 of 3: Select Times.

  • Time 1 (In box below Time 1, put your recipient’s preferred time, and you may leave a 1/2 hour or so beforehand, so they are sure to be able to eat around their dinner time): 5:30pm.
  • You don’t need to put anything in the Time 2, Time 3 boxes, etc.
  • Then, hit “Copy and Paste first row”
  • [Finish]

There will be 2 messages sent to your email address now.

  • Participation Link: Which you will forward to all those in your meal train circle. You might add a caring, informative note before sending, like, “Jane and Alex were devastated at the loss of their Baby Tyler on 6/15/2009. Thank you for offering to care for our wonderful friends by bringing by a comforting dinner for them during this time of loss. It helps more than you know.”
  • Administration link: Follow this link if you need to make any changes, etc.

Enjoy this lovely way of showering a grieving family with love and delicious, warm, healthy meals. It’s an effortless, efficient way of setting one up for any friend.

With love,

Mary Burgess