Is Mending Babyloss for me?

Is Mending Babyloss for me?

Q: What is Mending Babyloss?

A: Mending Babyloss is a support group for grieving parents in

Whatcom County.  We are professionally trained volunteers, who have

encountered families experiencing a loss.  Marguerite Johnson and Tracy Monterosa

Pippard are the facilitators.

Q: When and where do you meet?

A: We meet twice a year.  We are flexible on dates and times, as we strive to meet the

needs of our parents.  We meet in a lovely private space in downtown Bellingham.

Q: How much does it cost to attend?

A: There is no cost to attend.  However, donations are always welcomed to help us cover materials and books.

Q: Is this group for me?

A: We offer support to parents, who have lost a baby following a miscarriage, stillbirth,

newborn death, termination for medical reasons, failed adoption or any other loss within

the first year of life.

Q: What can I expect in the group:

A: We strive to meet the needs of our parents.  It is not our goal to fix your grief, but to

acknowledge, hold  and honor your grief.  We offer a safe and sacred place

of love, compassion and trust.  We have witnessed that it can be healing to be in the

presence of others, who have experienced a similar loss.  We integrate ritual,

information, videos, resources, activities, sharing and most of all … tears.

Q: I am afraid that if I talk about my loss in a group that it will be difficult for me and I

will find it depressing.

A: This is a normal concern, but we have found quite the contrary!  Society has sent a

strong message that we ne need to hide or stuff our grief in order for others to feel comfortable.  While we do not force anyone to

express more than they are ready to, our parents feel a sense of relief when being able to share with others.  

We have received feedback from our prior participants that the group left them feeling well, comforted, encouraged, strong, lighter and empowered.

We appreciate it takes great courage and trust to allow us to walk this journey with you.  

We welcome you to contact us with their questions or concerns.  

An application for the group can be found at:  

Once your registration is received, we will meet with you so you get to know us before meeting with the group.