• “We found Mending Baby Loss (MBL) after a late-term pregnancy loss, and could not be more grateful for the support we received at such a tragic time. The group leaders, Marguerite and Tracy, provided us with a safe space to express our feelings while also sharing profound wisdom and tools for coping with loss. They showed us how to honor our son so we can keep his spirit alive and near every day. We are so grateful for the people we met in the group and the friendships we made. MBL was a light in the midst of one of our darkest times and a truly invaluable gift and resource in our Bellingham community.”

  • “This group has been a huge step forward. I feel I would be lost and still searching had I not joined this group. I cannot express how much this has helped me during this time … talking with other families and knowing I’m not alone in my grief.”
  • “I was so comforted by the support that was offered in this group. The safety, the facilitators created to have each of us share our stories allowed us, the participants, to fully explore our loss. Knowing that I am not alone in my grief and working through it day by day with the tools provided by the group, has helped me face the future with a brighter disposition.”
  • “I was encouraged – just to know of others who are surviving a similar experience. I enjoyed sharing where we were at each day. This group encouraged honest reflection and openness about our experience of loss.”
  • “This group of people going through the same thing and knowing that others can help, gave me strength.”
  • “The grief, overwhelming emotions, and society’s lack of empathy towards terminations (even if for medical reasons) was unbearable more often than not. I needed help to organize my thoughts and to understand where to go from here. The support group surpassed all of my expectations and was a huge step in me accepting my new “normal”, and being able to move forward in my life. I no longer feel stuck in my grief.  Instead it has evolved into a part of daily life, looking a bit different each day. The facilitators were incredibly compassionate, nonjudgmental, knowledgeable, and some of the most genuinely kind people I have ever met in my life. Every minute spent in the group helped me tremendously. I highly recommend this group to any mom out there who unfortunately had to experience a loss.”
  • “On my journey of grieving for my stillborn baby girl and the dreams we had for her, this group was a safe space to start healing. It reconnected me to life. The facilitators offered their genuine support and went out of their way to help me. I will be forever grateful.
  • “I joined the group after an early miscarriage and was surprised to find unresolved emotions from an earlier abortion.  It was helpful to give a name to both losses and to honor each of them. I gained tools to help me grieve and move through my pain, as well as a sense of  belonging.”