Caring Bridge

My deepest hope is that mamas have healthy babies, born at full term, and both mama and baby are well.

Occasionally, babies are born early, sick or fragile. And if baby is born in a smallish community like Bellingham, she will be transported to Seattle or Everett or other large city for care. But friends and family and co-workers and others who live all over the globe will be wanting desperately to know how baby is doing, how mama is doing. And life for the parents is busy and blurry. They often don’t have time to respond to individual emails, make phone calls, etc.

Caring Bridge is a fantastic way to make these links. It is a site where parents can post a picture of their little one, details about the birth, updates on baby’s health and post feelings/thoughts/reflections, etc. It also is a way for many people to communicate with the parents, send their love and wishes and blessings. Is essence, it creates a circle of support around the family.

Please check out this amazing and gentle website, and pass this information along to those parents who need it.