Hello and Welcome. We’re glad you’re here, that you’ve found this site.

Mending Babyloss is a Bellingham-based group of women who have come together to support parents through the loss of a baby following miscarriage, stillbirth, or newborn death.

We are a midwife, a childbirth educator/doula/perinatal mentor, and a social worker, and have all worked extensively with women and families during their childbearing years, and occasionally, walked alongside them on their journeys of grief.

There is no more difficult journey than the loss of a child, the loss of a baby… as it is the loss of one’s dreams and hopes, a loss of future.

The facilitators have been gathering every 2 weeks for months, talking and opening ourselves to the gifts we can offer families experiencing loss. With this, we each know that to simply offer, and to offer itself, is enough. In each of our own loss experiences, we found that it was rare to find someone willing to “to there,” to be present, to witness our experience, to talk openly and acknowledge, to sit quietly while we ourselves cried, without giving unwelcome or insensitive advice or words. We know that we can offer ourselves, our varied experience, and our love to you, as you walk this very difficult path.


Mending Babyloss support groups begin Autumn, 2009. We will have monthly support groups and movie nights, where all are welcome. We will also have 6-week class series (meet every other week) for couples to journey through their loss experience in a group.

We are also sponsoring a Remembrance Walk and Ceremony, scheduled for Saturday, October 11, 2009, at the Fairhaven Village Green in Bellingham, WA. This will be a lovely way for any parents/family/friends to acknowledge the loss of their child, celebrate their life, with roses and luminarios at sunset, and a lovely labyrinth walk provided by Myra Smith and The Laughing Flower Labyrinth and Landscape Company – please mark your calendars.

With love, and soft light for gentle guidance,

Mary Burgess, Christine Gibbs, and Mary Hanson Adler


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